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Follow along as I learn about my French Canadian family history, explore storytelling in its many forms, and discover the joy of typography.

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It’s a lot.

CW: Abortion It’s all a little too much, isn’t it? That’s what I’ve been asking myself since November 2016. I cried the night Cheetoh King was elected. How can one man cause so much destruction? What else could possibly happen? And then it just kept happening. Layers upon layers of catastrophe. But you’re Canadian! You… Continue reading It’s a lot.

sometimes i make things for the internet.

I love GIF’s. I’m a millennial after all. It’s in our nature to love flashy moving things. Anyways, Giphy won’t let me post them unless they live on the internet somewhere first so here they are: (I’ll add more as I make them)

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Living and working on the unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the Kwantlen, the Katzie, the Semiahmoo, and the Tsawwassen Nations.  

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