Blenny Typeface

I originally thought that Blenny was from the ‘70’s with its rounded shoulders and smiley eye’s. It was introduced into Dalton Maag’s font library in 2014. What a throwback! The ligatures are done in such a way that allows for adorable letter combinations. Spike Spondike, the font creator, made a Thai script version of Blenny that has some fun glyphs to play around with too.

Blenny typeface typed out as the alphabet, numbers 0 to 9, and assorted glyphs in a dark blue.

Weight: Black

Width: Regular

Contrast: High – Display

Font type: Sans Serif

A quote on a dark blue and orange background from Dalton Maag, design studio, on Blenny: This fabulously curvaceous, fat face display font was conceptualized by Dalton Maag font developer, Spike Spondike and introduced to our library in 2014. Soft, voluptuous curves and a retro feel make it suitable for branding, bold headlines, or product labels.

Blenny is mostly used as a display font. It’s unique and easily jumps off the page in a sea of sans serifs that, if you squint, kinda look the same. Don’t tell my typography teacher I just said that. Every typeface is unique, but some are just more so, you know?

I was doom scrolling one night and this ad screamed “BLENNY!” at me and made me stop. I know Blenny well, I used it in a menu project (see below), and it is easily one of my top ten typefaces.

A Instagram image ad for cINeDIGENOUS Summer Film Series by SIFF and Nia Tero in Seattle.
This film series is in Seattle which is funny because I’m in Canada. The border isn’t open to me yet. Oh well! Looks neat.
A Drinks menu on a grey background. The menu front says "Cheeky Frites Drinks Menu". A smiling potato is sitting in a martini glass on the front. The menu is dark blue and orange.

When I saw the e’s, I immediately wanted to make them smile. The word ‘cheeky’ works perfectly for that. The ‘y’ and ‘I’ connect and viola, a late night ‘70’s inspired poutinerie was born. Check out the rest of the menus here.

Blenny makes having fun with typeface easy.

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