Unmarked. Uncared for. Discarded.

Loved. Missed. Cherished. Gone too soon and for no reason at all except racism and supremacy.

How do we as colonizers reconcile this? As someone from a family steeped in Catholicism, my roots created with colonialism, how do I repair the damage my ancestors made and were complicit to?

This isn’t about me. I need to face the demons that these unmarked graves represent within myself. I do not need to be forgiven by Indigenous Peoples for how I feel.

This isn’t about how this number makes white people feel. We should feel ashamed. We should have already known about these people and all of the other people that have been unearthed and will be as the “schools” are scanned. We were duped into believing that Canada was built through trade and mutual agreements. It’s up to us to educate ourselves. It’s up to us to reconcile. Not the other way around.

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How to report and write on issues about Indigenous Peoples: